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Aluminum Sliding Installations in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Aluminum siding is known to last for long periods, so when it is installed it should be installed properly. Aluminum siding has become a popular option for home renovations. If it is installed properly, the appeal of a home will increase significantly. It is also very cost effective and durable, and has a brilliant aesthetic. There are different types of siding including aluminum, vinyl, wood and even cement board siding. A lot of specialized knowledge is needed to install aluminum siding properly, so it is a good idea to contract a professional. In GTA, Ontario, Canada, Toronto Aluminum provides a variety of aluminum sliding services for your home.

Aluminum roofs and sidings are made from roll-formed hardened, tempered metal for extra strength. Aluminum sheet can be bent at a ninety-degree angle. It should be installed using the standard fastening and overlap patterns for the best performance. Our skilled installers are aware of all of this information. Siding sheets should not reach the ground. Instead, at the bottom a base of wood, concrete, or masonry should be placed to end the siding sheets. If they were installed horizontally, then at the end caulk or sealant tape needs to be put to ensure the joints are weather tight.

Toronto Aluminum provides others services. We also install eavestroughs, known as rain gutters. These are an essential part to any house, as they capture the rain that falls and keep the water out of the basement. When properly installed, they will keep water away from the house and prevent it from seeping into the foundation and forming smelling mould. The installation of gutters is best to be left for professionals. We offer 5”, 6” K-style, 6” half round in aluminum and copper. We also install soffit and fascia. A soffit is the underside to any part of the construction of a building, such as the underside of stairs or the underside of roof. This is another part of home renovations that is best left for professionals.

Fascia is a band that runs under the roof edge, and is visible to an outside observer. It can be used to hold a rain gutter, and can be an important part in architecture of a home. The correct installation of fascia is crucial. Toronto Aluminum will ensure that all of these installations are done in an effective manner and that your home looks the better.